Thank You’s


Thank you!

I want My Life to make a Difference!

I am extremely Grateful to be given a second chance at Life and to have My Singing Voice back again.

Although I’ve had to live with a debilitating disability for almost 30 years, with all the opportunities and the adversities, I am Grateful for Everything and Everyone in my Life!

I’m Proud that I continued to persevere and have not given up on my Dreams.

“If you can’t change the situation, change how you look at it.

Change the things YOU CAN Change! 

This is where your power is…  It has been in you all along!”

Pamela Anne Moffatt


I didn’t just make Lemonade… I made a Lemon Cheesecake… and I LOVE… Lemon Cheesecake. 😉

My Dream continues to be, to have My Words, My Voice and My Music… Touch and Inspire the Hearts of the World.

I hope my Journey will Inspire others to Never Give Up and to keep going… no matter what Life throws your way.  Life is Beautiful!  Every Breath we take is Truly a Gift!        We Need to make Each and Every one Count!

Thank you to my Family, my Friends, Acquaintances and Fans.  I Hope I’ve made a Difference in Your Lives… because You have definitely made a Difference in Mine!

With Sincere Heartfelt Appreciation,




Extra Special Thank You’s… 

To My Parents (The Late… Eugene and Helen Moffatt) for their love and their gift of music

To My Brother’s… Tim (Alexis and John Ryan), Mike (Jack and Emily) and Jimmy (Aaron)

(The Late) Great Aunt Beulah Sutherland

(The Late)Aunt Louise Casselman

(The Late) Uncle Doug (Kilmury)

Cathy Kaparoudakis (Kafenzakis) – Greece/Brockville, Ont.

Lauri Brown (aka Tina Brown)

Randy Orr

Stephen Goodberry and Debra Lynn Currier

Gail Campbell Sharland and Ken Sharland

Angela Smale and Ed Mahon

Gillian FitzGibbon

Tom Van Dusen

Charles Levere

Bob Harper

(The Late) Diane Heward

(The Late) Hans Sigg and (Rosie Sigg)

Marianne Laderoute

(The Late) Erica Smith

(The Late) Rev. Jean Baker

Pam Reddick

Guy Tessier


“We will travel many miles in our lives, take many roads and meet many people. Therefore, I believe…”

“We are who we are because of those who surround us. And I am who I am because of “All” of you”

“As you travel through your journey of life…Remember to…”

“Sow what you’ve learned and reap what others may sow”

“Be careful to choose wisely and you will be truly blessed!”

 Pamela Anne Moffatt


Thank You from my CD 1997:

I am truly grateful to all of you who have touched, passed through,

and are a part of my life. For through adversity and opportunity, you

have taught me how to love. Given me the courage, strength and

willpower to never give up! You have believed in me and allowed me to believe in myself.

Your encouragement and support has given me the confidence to strive to be the best I can be and with your wisdom made me wiser.

I have learned understanding, integrity, respect for myself and others, and to be proud of myself and my accomplishments. Most of all, you have inspired me to reach for the stars and to dare to dream… “The Possible Dream”.

I truly believe there are Angels here on earth. For just when I have needed that extra push and encouragement to go on, a helping hand, a shoulder to cry on, someone to love and care for me, you have been there. I thank God… for All of You!