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Patricia Ann Rodrigue – Cobourg, Ontario
Posted:  Dec. 2019

Pamela Moffatt:  Her passion comes out when she is singing and you can feel it in your heart!

Her song – “We Will All Stand For Freedom” (2019), is a tremendously inspiring song. The fact that she has been raising money for years and continues to do so by donating to our Wounded Warrior Veterans, shows us what an inspiring lady she is!

And her children’s song, “Hugs and Kisses”.  What a great song!  I play this song when I see my “chunky monkey” my grandson. We dance and hug and sing along.
Thank you for the wonderful memories you create with your beautiful music Pamela!

Cathy Kaparoudakis – Rhodes, Greece
Posted:  Dec. 2019

I totally love your new CD “LEGACY”!  And I have always Loved your voice!  I’m so Proud of You!  You’re such an Amazing Singer and Songwriter.  My favorite songs are “Legacy”“You Want To Be Loved” “Private Dreams” and “We Will All Stand For Freedom” (both the new 2019 version and the old  2002 version).  I wish you all the Best and may all your Dreams come true!  You’re so talented and if anyone deserves to be at the top of the charts… It’s You!!!  Love Ya!!!

Tina Brown – Cumberland, Ontario
Posted: Nov. 2019

I attended Pamela’s CD Release Party Nov. 2nd, 2019. It was a Great Show!
I absolutely Love her song… “Such A Fool”.  Love it’s fun up beat Spanish vibe, makes you feel like dancing!  Wishing you much Success!

Stephen Goodberry – Brockville, Ontario
Posted:  Nov. 4, 2019

I really enjoyed all your new recordings but I have to say that your title track “Legacy” was Amazing! Great job!!

Tracy Gaudin – Prescott, Ontario
Posted:  Nov. 2, 2019

I had the honor to be part of this beautiful women’s CD Launch tonight…
Pamela Anne Moffatt… Congratulations you were Fantastic!!!  🍾🥂🎉

I bought all 3 of your albums!  All of your songs are GREAT!  Although, my favorite songs off your “LEGACY” CD are your “We Will All Stand For Freedom” (2019) and I LOVE LOVE your song “I Would Have Loved You”… about your life… it really hits home for me!

Theresa – Ottawa, Ontario
Posted:  April 2020 and Nov. 2020

When I heard Pamela’s New Single “We Will All Stand For Freedom” (2019)
I bought all her songs and downloaded all her albums!

On her New “LEGACY” CD… I really LOVE your song “I Would Have Loved You”… It’s so Beautiful!  Pamela Anne Moffatt is an awesome singer, songwriter and musician. I love her voice and her music.
Love you Pamela Anne Moffatt!

Elaine Boulton – Prescott, Ontario
April 2020

Pam-Wow just listened to your new single “We Will All Stand for Freedom” (2019). It is amazing, and what a powerful message. Love it!

Dorothy Harper:  Athens, Ontario
Posted:  April 2020

Pamela, even though we are not blood related, but through your late Aunt Lois, I am so proud to know you. I just listened to your new release, “We Will All Stand For Freedom” (2019). You did an awesome job Pam and are sending out a powerful message to the world. My hope for you is that this song is heard worldwide and that your words are listened to and a difference is made. I wish you continued success in all your music endeavours and I know for sure, your Aunt Lois is listening and is very proud of her Niece. Best of luck to you Pam.


Rudolph W. Giuliani (Former Mayor of New York City)

Posted: 2002

“Thank you for sending me a copy of your CD, “We Will All Stand For Freedom” (2002). During this past year, patriotic spirit abounded across our nation. Your music is a tribute, not only to the men and women who lost their lives at ground zero, but to this great country.”

-Rudolph W. Giuliani (Former Mayor of New York City)

The Con Man – Radio Show (Nashville, Tennessee)

Posted: 1997

“This lady comes outta nowhere with the talent to compete against anyone in country music!!”

– The “Con Man” Radio Show…syndicated U.S. radio program host (Chris Conn) with over 12 million listeners, featured Pamela’s songs on his nightly radio show.

John Park Wheeler (Awarding Winning Producer) (Ontario)

Posted: 1997

“Pamela is one of the most powerful singers I have worked with in the studio. This girl has got the goods! And with her talent and dedication she can go all the way!”

– Producer, Jon Park Wheeler who co-produced 3 songs on Pamela’s Mini-CD and has worked with Susan Aglukark, Tracey Brown, Stephanie Beaumont, Carroll Baker and the Family Brown among others.




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