Over 20 years since making her national debut…

Pamela is Excited and Proud to release her New CD…


Nov. 2, 2019!



Pamela’s most outstanding musical achievement was having her release,

to Country Music Radio… “Why Can’t They Send Them All?“, voted one of…

“Canada’s Top 100 Country Songs of the Year (1998)

Alongside the elites of Country Music, like Shania Twain, Paul Brandt and Terri Clark.


 The Con Man – Radio Show (Nashville, Tennessee) (1998)

“This lady comes outta nowhere…

with the talent to compete against anyone in country music!!”

The “Con Man” Radio Show… syndicated U.S. radio program host (Chris Conn) with over 12 million listeners, featured Pamela’s songs on his radio show.




Sat. Nov. 2nd, 2019  ~  7:00 pm to 10:30 pm

Boomers Sports Bar, Prescott, ON 


Over 15 years in the making…

Over 15 years of “Never Giving Up” on her Dream!


          Noted for her charismatic stage presence, her dynamic soaring vocals and                                    her powerful, creative and inspirational songwriting skills,                                              Pamela Anne Moffatt is the embodiment of Strength of Will                       and Passion for her Music.


   As a Singer/Songwriter, Pamela is inspired by many subjects and genres of music.                                      That’s what her CD… “LEGACY” showcases,                             with 17 of her own Original Songs! 

     From Country to Pop to Gospel and Children songs… and everything in-between.   

                  Pamela truly demonstrates her many diverse talents in Songwriting,                   along with her Amazing vocal abilities!


About Pamela’s song… LEGACY!

After having survived lifesaving emergency open heart surgery (Dec. 2006) … followed by 6 days in a coma… as Pamela awoke… she felt deeply connected to her past… and to her Ancestors.

Barely able to hold a pen… she was compelled to write…

      She soulfully and emotionally reflected, about All the things her Ancestors                                        went through… and “How… and Why we’re here”.                                                For We are All here… because Each and Every one of our Ancestors,                                  from the beginning of time, had to survive, for All of Us to be here!


    Pamela’s song LEGACY… Powerfully acknowledges and expresses the Gratitude…                            We All owe our Ancestors… along with the Responsibility…                            We All have… for Future Generations!  and asks…

  “Think about… the LEGACY… you’d like to leave behind”


LEGACY Chorus:

“We are the Son’s and Daughter’s of those who came before…

We are their Living Legacy… We live forevermore!

n the faces of our Children and our story’s and our songs…..

Our Legacy… their Legacy lives on… and on… and on!”



Pamela’s Dream has Always been

to have her words, her voice and her music

touch and inspire the hearts of the World!



However… this didn’t come easy to Pamela.

It is through adversity that Pamela has triumphantly become a Living testament to her Music.

Dec. 2006 – Having almost died… Pamela survived… lifesaving emergency open heart surgery… and being placed in a coma for almost a week.  Only to realize later, because of the tubes in her throat, she would lose her singing voice for almost 7 years!  And it took a full 13 years, ’til 2019 for her full singing range to return, as Pamela had to virtually teach herself to sing again!  She has worked relentlessly to get back her singing range and confidence, to the point of being able to sing and perform like she use to before surgery.

Over those first 7 years, Pamela fought a long hard battle to recover her singing voice.  Unable to hold a note, or keep on key, she would practice and practice.  Although she tried and tried, she would end up crying and crying, over and over again… because she couldn’t do it.  Even when some people said, “You’ll just have to face the fact you will never sing again”, she didn’t listen!

Unfortunately, Pamela has also lived for nearly 30 years… with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS/ME) and Fibromyalgia (FM).   Debilitating illnesses… which robbed her from living a normal and fulfilling life, doing things people take for granted. Pamela’s disability would cause her at times, to be bedridden/housebound or unable to function normally (for her), for days, weeks and even months, living with extreme exhaustion, unrelenting unbearable pain and at times brain function issues.

Pamela is a very determined person and with sheer un-daunting persistence, and her Love of Music… Baby She’s Back!



As her song… “Baby I’m Back!” says

“I know… I’m gonna make it… Won’t be easy… but then…

Look where I was… and then look where I am”…

YES… Baby I’m Back!”



(Check out… her New Version of …“Baby I’m Back” (2019)

included on her new CD “LEGACY”)


“Baby I’m Back”… Written to be an “Inspirational” song for so many, from those who have been “physically, emotionally or verbally abused”, to people that have allowed “anyone” or “anything” to literally put them on the ground! 






                            Having gain 120 lbs in the first years Pamela fell ill…                              Through perseverance… she’s has lost 110 lbs and still going!


Although living with her relentless limitations, her illnesses and setbacks, upon setbacks, these have Not… deterred Pamela from her Music Dream!


                    “I am so extremely Grateful… to be given a second chance at Life                    and to have my singing voice back again!”

“Music … is in my heart and soul!”

               “When Life has beaten me down…Music has raised me up and saved me… more times than I can count!”



Ontario-born Pamela Anne Moffatt’s remarkable talent was quickly recognized in 1996.  As an Amateur, she advanced to the national finals of the Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame’s Singing Contest in the “Professional” category.  Competing against seasoned bands/professionals that played 4 hours a night and 3-4 times a week… where this was Pamela’s first time ever playing with a band.  A truly groundbreaking feat!

The following year Pamela launched her self-titled 3 Song EP  (under Pamela Goodberry).  It received international airplay and saw her first release to radio, “Standing My Ground” (co-penned by Stewart Harris, co-writer of Wynonna Judd’s  “No One Else on Earth”), chart at #59, in the worldwide publication of “Country Music News”.

Her second release “Why Can’t They Send Them All?made it to #50 (Oct. 1998) in the same publication and stayed on the Country Music Charts for 7 months.  With 100’s and 100’s of songs release to Canadian Country Music Radio in a single Year…    “Why Can’t They Send Them All?”  was then voted…

“One of Canada’s Top 100 Country Songs of 1998”.

The remarkable thing was… Pamela achieved this without… Touring, a Music Video, Record Label, or a Distribution Deal.  This was a truly prestigious accomplishment… sitting alongside the elites of Canadian Country Music like… Shaina Twain, Paul Brandt and Terri Clark.

Her 3 Song EP was so successful, that in 1999 Pamela was invited to perform… as a Showcase Artist…(one of 20 chosen from across Canada…) to perform at the Canadian Country Music Awards Week.


Pamela… Doesn’t Give in… or Give Up! 

She rests, recoups, regroups and starts again!



In 2001, as the tragic events of September 11th unfolded, Pamela was deeply affected and inspired to write her impassioned Anthem “We Will All Stand For Freedom” (2002) Version.


Also on Pamela’s “LEGACY” CD… Check out her NEW Version of

“We Will All Stand For Freedom” (2019)with new lyrics and music!

NOW…  also a Single CD Release for Purchase…

supporting those who “Stand For Freedom

Click here!


This Anthem’s Powerful and Inspirational message, though inspired by Sept. 11th, is the first of its kind to unite the World to “Stand for Freedom”.  It effectively unites the Past… the Present… and the Future.  For no matter what day it is, or what year it is… or what country it is… the World must never forget the Price of Freedom!

In 2002, Pamela performed her “We Will All Stand For Freedom” Anthem at a 9/11 anniversary vigil in Ogdensburg, NY to a crowd of more than 1000 people. The song was also included on the Royal Canadian Legion’s compilation album that year, and is now presently featured on their website… (under Pamela Goodberry… her 2002 Version)

Pamela… “Having performed the “We Will All Stand For Freedom” Anthem at a number of events… “It’s an incredible (goose bump) feeling when I come to the line, “Stand, Stand, Stand…Every Woman, Child and Man… We Will All Stand For Freedom” … and Everyone in the audience spontaneously stands. You can see it on peoples’ faces and can feel it from their hearts. It is at those moments, “We Will All Stand For Freedom” is clearly conveying the true message of Freedom.
      “I can picture the “We Will All Stand For Freedom (2019)” Anthem being played at                    major events with thousands of people standing and singing together.                   The impact would be positively overwhelming.”
Pamela is getting her chance to do just that!
Pamela will be singing “We Will All Stand For Freedom” 2019 on Parliament Hill, Ottawa
April 20th, 2019… at “420 Ottawa 2019” Cannabis Day… and Paying Tribute to Our Canadian Armed Forces and Veterans… while presenting a cheque of $2,222.00 to          Wounded Warriors

                I’ve been raising funds since 2002… when I released my first version of                   “We Will All Stand For Freedom” (2002).  Inspired by 9/11 … I started a            Foundation (now closed) to support those who “Stand For Freedom”.

               I’m so Honoured to make this donation to Wounded Warriors Canada!

UPDATE:  Due to the weather that day… Pamela’s performance was Cancelled!

However… Pamela will be performing her Anthem and happily presenting the cheque to Wounded Warriors Canada… at her CD Release Party… Sat. Nov. 2nd, 2019!


Pamela in 2002, wanting to do more to support her “message” and the troops fighting overseas, created a self-produced album named after the Anthem.  She also established the “We Will All Stand For Freedom” Foundation, a non-profit Foundation, with the proceeds from the purchase and airplay of “We Will All Stand For Freedom” going towards aiding 9/11 victims and to a charity supporting the troops. While it has since closed operations, the foundation raised $2,222.00 in proceeds.

Although… it was Pamela’s sincerest intention for the “We Will All Stand For Freedom” Foundation to thrive.  The primary objective was to be able to donate the proceeds of the “WWASFF” CD (2002) and airplay of the “WWASFF” Anthem to those who Stand for Freedom. However, a foundation of this magnitude requires energy, money and many volunteers and it is with a heavy heart that Pamela has had to relinquish her Foundation.

On a positive note:  Pamela and her “WWASFF” Foundation mailed out packages to Honorees… which included an honorarium, along with the “We Will All Stand For Freedom” CD (2002)… as well as…numerous other packages were also sent to key people.


“[Pamela’s] music is a tribute, not only to the men and women who lost their lives at ground zero, but to this great country.”

Rudolph Giuliani  (2002)


        In the future, Pamela will continue to “Support Our Troops” and those who              “Stand For Freedom”… in any way she can.


Check out her NEW Version of

“We Will All Stand For Freedom” (2019)

On her New CD “LEGACY”

(with new lyrics and music!)

Now… also a Single CD release for Purchase…

Supporting those who “Stand For Freedom”

Click here!



2009 – Throughout the years Pamela’s commitment to supporting the troops and veterans has gone undaunted.  She was asked to contribute her song “Angels Sleep” to 2009’s… (… “Independents for Independence” release title… “We Will Be There”.

(Unfortunately the ( project has ceased operations.)

(Please go to NEWS… in older posts section for more info)

2010 – Pamela was proud to see three of her songs included in the “We Salute Our” project, which was backed by the Ministry of Defense and is said to be Canada’s largest musical tribute to the Canadian Forces.

(Unfortunately the (We Salute Our Heroes) project has ceased operations as well.)

(Please go to NEWS… in older posts section for more info)



2010 – 2012 – Pamela donated over 500 of her… “We Will All Stand For Freedom” CD’s … to local Legions, Schools, as well as, organizations that supported              “Violence Against Women”.




       “I hope my journey will inspire others to Never Give Up and to keep going…  No matter what Life throws your way.

Life is Beautiful! There is always something to be grateful for!

Every breath we take is truly a gift! 

We need to make each and every one count!”



Pamela’s Dream is Alive!

Listen to her; let her Inspire you, and touch your heart!


May Our LEGACY… Live on and on and on!